Digital Marketing

This online course is specially designed for business owners who want to grow their businesses online in the right way as well as people who want to take Digital Marketing as a career. The course leads you through the correct way to set up a business on various digital platforms while avoiding the common pitfalls.

Covered in the course are platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Business, Google My Business, a general overview of online advertising and a demonstration of running an advert using Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Business owners who take this course are sure to get a deep understanding of how social media platforms work for business, how to position their business for visibility, but more importantly, how to spend advertising funds efficiently and wisely while getting the desired results.

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  • Over 43 lessons all together
  • Simple, effective digital marketing strategies for growing their business
  • Understand the differences between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Profile
  • The Facebook Page Manager app and how important it is for your success
  • How to use Instagram Hashtags to increase discovery of your business
  • Learn how to create engaging content for your business using different free apps
  • How to schedule multiple posts for your social media pages so that you can focus on other productive things
  • Using Google My Business app to gain free visibility on Google Search
  • Using the WhatsApp Business App and its amazing features: Instant replies, away messages, labels, the CATALOGUE! Fantastic
  • Learn the rudiments of boosting your posts to a larger audience on Facebook and Instagram
  • Intermediate level Advertising – Facebook Advertising using Facebook Ads Manager
  • Intermediate level Advertising – Google Search Engine Advertising using Google Ads
  • Intermediate level – Understanding measurements on the web – Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics
  • What is Digital Marketing
    • Digital Marketing Course Outline
    • Definition of Digital Marketing
    • Organic and Paid Marketing
    • Platforms for Digital Marketing
  • Facebook For Business
    • Creating a Facebook Business Page
    • The Page Manager App – Adding other people to Manage your Page
    • Effective Messaging and Personalization
    • Your Facebook Content Strategy
    • Scheduling posts
    • Facebook Live
  • Instagram for Business
    • Creating or switching to Instagram business profile
    • Hashtags
    • IGTV
    • Instagram Stories
    • Instagram Live
  • WhatsApp for Business
    • Getting Started – Installing WhatsApp Business
    • Greeting Message,
    • Away Messages
    • Labels
    • Quick Replies,
    • Your WhatsApp Business short link
  • Google My Business
    • Getting Started – Installing Google My Business
    • Posting Content on Google My Business
  • Advertising With Facebook
    • Strategies for Advertising
    • Boosting posts on Facebook
    • Promoting posts on Instagram
    • Facebook Pixel and Facebook SDK
    • Facebook Ads with Ads Manager
  • Advertising with Google
    • Introduction to SEO and SEM
    • Differences between SEO and SEM
    • Demonstration of SEO and SEM
    • Google Ads Campaign Structure
    • Sign up for Google Ads
    • Setting up Google Ads Search Campaign
    • Google Analytics
    • Installing Google Analytics on your WordPress Website

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